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From live baiting goggle eyes and small tuna to dead bait trolling Ringer Swivels Size 4 is our largest, strongest O-Ring available. Baitmasters now sells all of they’re pre-rigged spanish mackerel with our #4’s!! Rig your mackerel, bonita, live tuna’s with a Bridle Buddy Dart and other large marlin baits with our Size 4 and large 3-4x thick wire circle hooks 12/0- Ringer Swivels are a cross between rigging with and swivel and rigging with and O-ring. The O-ring is actually built into the swivel. You get the ease of the o-ring and the 360 degree hook action of the swivel. If you want the best swimming bait possible these are for you. They come 25 per pack and will fit a 5/0 up to a 10/0 circle hook.

Ringer swivels live bait

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100 Ringer Swivels per Pack. Ringer Swivels Live Bait Swivels. $6.49. Gamakatsu Light Wire Live Bait Hooks with Ring. $10.49-$16.99. Gamakatsu Live Bait Heavy Duty (HD) Circle Hooks.

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Click on Details tab for guide to circle hook sizes.

Ringer swivels live bait

Using copper wire you attach the swivel to the bait and then simply slide the circle hook through the O ring. Size 1 Ringer Swivels™ are commonly rigged with Small/Medium sized ballyhoo. Our new “LIVE” Ringer Swivel, engineered for our live bait customers to fit industry standard rigging bands. Better swimming baits, better hook up ratio ⠀ Ringer Swivels #maketheswitch, $4,200,000+ I have lost more fish using swivels then I can count so I stopped using them. I caught a 15 lb catfish and it was great until I pulled up on the line the roadway and swivel just broke loose that doubt I was fishing a frog and if that blew up I sent that hook in the swivel broke out I lost my frog and my bass.
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Size 1 Ringer Swivels™ are commonly rigged with Small/Medium sized ballyhoo.

Jen Copeland Buy Now We rigged a swimming ballyhoo with the Ringer Swivel in the conventional way, using a 14-inch length of copper wire and with the swivel exiting the top of the bait’s upper lip. Slide baiting live baits Slide-baiting is huge in other countries such as Hawaii and South Africa, and although some anglers have started to get into it here, it hasn’t really taken off yet. This fishing method targets a number of species from kingfish and john dory to big snapper and kahawai, with various clips and the current employed to slide dead or live baits down the mainline.
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Live Bait packs contain 25 swivels; Ringer Swivels are an innovative way to rig with circle hooks. Ringer Swivels offer anglers a time saving and affordable way to rig your baits with circle hooks. These awesome swivels combine a standard barrel swivel with a rubber o-ring. The o-ring allows for fast attachment to your circle hook. Driven by our Florida Live-Bait sailfish customers, our new “Live” Ringer Swivels are precisely designed to fit the industry standard #8 UV Bands.

Ringer Swivels®️ på Instagram: "Fact: 360° hook rotation = Better

$6.49. Gamakatsu Light Wire Live Bait Hooks with Ring.

The o-ring is larger than #1’s and is a Costa Rica and Domincan FAD favorite for small Blue Marlin paired with 2x wire (thicker) circle hooks. Live bait rigging made easy with Ringer Live Bait swivels.