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You study the Swedish language and learn how to read, write, speak and understand Swedish. Taking an SFI course will enable you to feel part of Swedish society more quickly. This will allow you to progress to further study or get a job. Students enrolled in a degree programme that takes over one year to complete: Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) PhD students: Swedish courses for employees; All students: several informal language cafés where you can practise your Swedish; All students: paid courses at Folkuniversitetet; Learn more about these options on our webpage for current students at LU. If learning Swedish is your main purpose Sweden also offers Swedish for Immigrants for Academics, SFIA. These classes are aimed at people who already come with an academic degree or wish to pursue one. The courses are more intense and prepare you for further education or the Swedish job market. Swedish tuition for immigrants is a basic education in the Swedish language organized by Jönköping Municipality.

Swedish courses for immigrants

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The programme is compulsory for resettled refugees and their financial benefits can depend on attendance. In 2009, SFI added a vocational training component to the language training. General courses in Swedish Medis organises general courses in Swedish for immigrants. The general courses consist of lessons once or twice a week, often during the evenings, and are run at various levels. Places on these courses are first-come first-served. The courses are not free, students must pay the course fees and purchase the course book. A student can finish taking the municipal adult education programme in Swedish tuition for Immigrants after each course.

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The course gives basic spoken and written  When you are a newly arrived immigrant and want to study Swedish for The SFI course takes place in Karlstad at Karlstad adult education Komvux or with  27 Oct 2020 The total duration of immigration permission for a new student attending language courses is 2 years (i.e. 3 x 8 months). However where a  Learn about language assessments both outside and inside Canada. Aswell as, various language learning programs offered in Peel region.

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If you are looking for a job you can register with the Swedish Public Employment Service, Arbetsförmedlingen. SFI courses are designed for immigrants to give them basic knowledge of the Swedish language.

Swedish courses for immigrants

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You work at your own pace according to your personal study plan. Study path 1 (SFI courses A and B) We produce Swedish language courses for immigrants to Sweden since 2003. Our courses are used at SFI* schools all over Sweden. As the interrest is large for studying as privateers we also provide our courses to students all over the world.

Swedish for immigrants (normally known as SFI or Svenskundervisning för invandrare in Swedish) is the national free Swedish language course offered to most categories of immigrants.
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Sfi consists of three study paths.

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The program is called “Swedish Language & Culture for Medical Staff” and after 10 years has proven to be a unique and comprehensive language method for healthcare professionals who seek fast progress in the language learning. A student can finish taking the municipal adult education programme in Swedish tuition for Immigrants after each course. All students shall, however, be given the opportunity to continue as far as and including course D on their study path, along with the adaptation needed to ensure the student can fulfil the knowledge requirements. Finnish and Swedish courses You can take part in a Finnish or a Swedish language course organised by the TE Office, if this is part of your integration plan. The TE Office will let you know when a suitable place is free and you have been admitted to a language course. Swedish for professionals (Svenska för yrkesutbildade) is specialized Swedish language courses for professional newbies.

A student can finish taking the municipal adult education programme in Swedish tuition for Immigrants after each course.