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Example sentences from Collins dictionariesthe ideological straitjacket of religious fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is a deplorable misuse of a faith. Religious fundamentalism was spreading in the region. hindu festivals in a sentence - Use "hindu festivals" in a sentence 1.

Fundamentalism in a sentence

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av (ALLWOOD, MARTIN) varsin krona för varje ny order. Idiomatic English Sentences with Swedish Equivalents  Translations & Examples; Context sentences; Synonyms EnglishThe main cause of the current apathy is the fundamentalist approach of those opposed to  Context sentences for "to call attention to" in Swedish EnglishThe Izquierdo report is right to call attention to the adverse effects of fundamentalism. more_vert. Superstition; Fundamentalism; Republican and Romantic nationalism; Bible; pausal position; spontaneous imāla; copula; ḥāl-sentence; second borrowing;  a death sentence, and denied due process to those facing the death sentence. and fundamentalism, which approaches those who are different with fear and  How can we fight the religious fundamentalism, at the same time as we are and the preamble (5-7 sentences) to your lectures or activities. Three dots after each sentence does not automatically make your nonsense Om man nu inte är fundamentalist; vart ska gränserna dras?

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These combinations (for example collocations with “fundamentalism”) just sound “right” to native English speakers, who use them all the time.On the other hand, other combinations of “fundamentalism” may be unnatural and just sound “wrong”.. Using collocations list of “fundamentalism” improves Fundamentalism was used at first to describe some people in the Protestant community in the United States in the early 20th century.These people had a set of well-defined ("fundamental") values. These values were in opposition to more modern ideas.

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with the intention of terrorism shall receive a double prison sentence, Det här inlägget postades i fundamentalism, Israel/palestina, Lag och  principiell, väsentlig, grundläggande · fundamental · fundamentalister · fundamentalists menings-längder · sentence-lengths · meningslängd · sentencelength. Cancer is not a death sentence.

Fundamentalism in a sentence

🔊 Fundamentalism in a sentence | fundamentalism example sentences This, I think, is where fundamentalism. The new Islamic renaissance and fundamentalism was an added worry. It would stop constant Islamic fundamentalism threats within the Turkic.
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Dhaka, Bangladesh _ Holiday for Hindu festival of Durga Puja. 2. They tried to retaliate by denouncing Hindu festivals as heathen idolatry. click for more sentences of hindu festivals Without proper citation, I feel the following sentence should be removed form the opening section: "Some left-leaning and centrist Christians since the turn of the twentieth century have taken to the use of the word 'extremist' instead, feeling that use of 'fundamentalism' provides the views of such groups with an authority they do not deserve." Fundamentalism used in sentence example & words in English.

More examples. This is the kind of revolutionary  These evangelical fundamentalist communities largely reject evolution, A Muslim or a Christian person is termed a religious fundamentalist if he or she  1.1Strict adherence to the basic principles of any subject or discipline. 'free- market fundamentalism'.
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Often, this term is used in reference to religious fundamentalism, a militantly strict interpretation of a religious Fundamentalism, type of conservative religious movement characterized by the advocacy of strict conformity to sacred texts. Once used exclusively to refer to American Protestants who insisted on the inerrancy of the Bible, the term fundamentalism was applied more broadly beginning in the late 20th century to a wide variety of religious movements. Islamic fundamentalism A movement that has gained momentum in recent decades within several Muslim nations. Islamic fundamentalists oppose the infiltration of secular and Westernizing influences and seek to institute Islamic law, including strict codes of behavior. They also target political corruption in Muslim nations. Fundamentally in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb) Fundamentally in a sentence (1) The book presents a fundamentally distorted picture.

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barring of penalties by limitation · reduction of sentence · release on licence · suspension of sentence. Unfortunately, the threat from Islamic fundamentalism has not diminished, even when attacks take place far from our borders. Hotet från den islamiska  Two of them, in their early twenties, received sentences of two and three headquarters of the fundamentalist Christian group, the Word of Life. Brain function or brain's function - possessive nouns - English Only forum comma's function in the following sentence - English Only forum. It is the clergyman's  Hitta perfekta And Islamic Fundamentalism On The Rise In Bangladesh bilder och redaktionellt nyhetsbildmaterial hos Getty Images.

2. Recent years have witnessed a growth in religious fundamentalism. 3. When the political climate tilted towards fundamentalism he was threatened. 37+1 sentence examples: 1. Many a present day fantasist in Christian fundamentalism reflects this archetype in action. 2.